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Fragrance Isopar M Fluid 230C - 270C Boiling Range Freezing Point -45°C
  • Fragrance Isopar M Fluid 230C - 270C Boiling Range Freezing Point -45°C
  • Fragrance Isopar M Fluid 230C - 270C Boiling Range Freezing Point -45°C
  • Fragrance Isopar M Fluid 230C - 270C Boiling Range Freezing Point -45°C

Fragrance Isopar M Fluid 230C - 270C Boiling Range Freezing Point -45°C

Place of Origin China
Brand Name ADDSOL
Certification ISO9001/SGS
Model Number ISOPAR M Fluid
Product Details
Flash Point:
Autoignition Temperature:
By Sea; By Air
Molecular Weight:
188 G/mol
Physical State:
Colorless Liquid
CAS Number:
Mild Hydrocarbon Odor
High Light: 

230C Isopar M Fluid


270C Isopar M Fluid


Colorless isoparaffin fluid SGS

Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
Packaging Details
Delivery Time
Within 2 weeks after Order Confirmation
Payment Terms
T/T advance, L/C, DP, DA
Supply Ability
4800MT per year
Product Description

Product Description:

Isopar M Fluid is a clear and odorless hydrocarbon solvent that belongs to the Isoparaffinic solvents. It has many beneficial characteristics, such as having a boiling range of 230-270°C and a flash point of 95°C (closed cup), and a low-viscosity liquid. This makes Isopar M Fluid compatible with a wide range of materials, making it a widely used green solvent for various applications, such as industrial cleaning and metalworking. In addition, it is also considered to be non-toxic, non-carcinogenic and environmentally friendly compared to many other chemical solvents.

The Indian market is a giant market, with a high demand and competition, and mainly uses Isopar M Fluid in the fragrance industry. The UAE is also one of the key markets, and its production of car fragrances consumes a good quantity of Isopar M Fluid.



Isopar M fluid has many qualities that make it an excellent solvent for use in a variety of applications. One of its main features is its high level of purity, which has been purified to remove impurities and contaminants.

In addition to being a highly pure solvent, Isopar M fluid also has a low viscosity, meaning it has a low resistance to flow. This allows for easy handling and mixing with other ingredients in formulations. Furthermore, Isopar M fluid has a low volatility, which means it has a slow evaporation rate and is well-suited to applications, such as fragrances and other personal care products, where the scent of the final product is important.

Moreover, Isopar M fluid has a low odor profile and good solvency power, meaning it can dissolve a wide range of materials. This makes it an incredibly versatile solvent for use in industrial cleaning, metalworking, and oil and gas drilling. Lastly, Isopar M fluid is considered to be relatively non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, and is classified as a low VOC solvent, making it an ideal choice for meeting regulatory requirements in many applications.



Isopar M fluid is an excellent option when creating fragrances for perfumes, colognes, and body sprays. It is odorless, has a low viscosity, and is compatible with a wide range of materials commonly used in fragrance formulations. Additionally, it has a low boiling point and a low odor which help to keep the original fragrance profile intact.

The uses of Isopar M fluid in fragrance applications are numerous. It is often employed as part of a formula for fragrances that will have stability and homogeneity. It can also be used as a diluent to adjust the concentration of the fragrance or to help control the evaporation rate of the fragrance when needed. In aerosol products, Isopar M is usually the carrier solvent of choice since it has a low flammability and low VOC content, making it a great fit for regulatory requirements.


Technical Parameters:

The distillation range of the product is between 230-270°C. The maximum aromatics content should be no more than 0.01 wt%. Its density at 20°C should be 0.7682 g/cm3, and its viscosity at 40°C should fall within the range of 1.0-2.7mm2/s. The minimum flash point should be 95°C; its minimum aniline point should be 87.9°C. The Saybolt color should be +30 or less. The maximum amount of sulphur should not be more than 1.0 mg/kg, and the maximum amount of bromine should not be more than 5.0 mg Br/100g.


Support and Services:

Isopar M Fluid technical support and service includes:

  • 24/7 technical assistance by phone, email, or online chat.
  • Dedicated customer service team to answer any questions or concerns.
  • Access to online resources and downloads.
  • Full warranty coverage for all products.
  • On-site service and technical support.


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