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Isopar M Isoparaffin Fluid Distillation Range 230-270°C For Metalworking Fluids
  • Isopar M Isoparaffin Fluid Distillation Range 230-270°C For Metalworking Fluids
  • Isopar M Isoparaffin Fluid Distillation Range 230-270°C For Metalworking Fluids
  • Isopar M Isoparaffin Fluid Distillation Range 230-270°C For Metalworking Fluids

Isopar M Isoparaffin Fluid Distillation Range 230-270°C For Metalworking Fluids

Place of Origin China
Brand Name ADDSOL
Certification SGS Certificate
Model Number Isoparaffin M fluid
Product Details
Keep In Dry And Cool Place
Bromine (mg Br/100g):
5.0 Max
Transparent Liquid
Color, Saybolt:
Flash Point (°C):
Distillation Range:
High Light: 

Isopar M Isoparaffin Fluid


Metalworking Isoparaffin Fluid


Isopar M Transparent Fluid

Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
750 KGS
Packaging Details
Delivery Time
Within 1-2 weeks
Payment Terms
T/T advance, L/C
Supply Ability
15000MT per year
Product Description

Isopar M isoparaffin Distillation Range 230-270°C for metalworking fluids


Product Description:

Isoparaffin M fluid are highly refined hydrocarbon-based fluids. This composition grants them distinct properties in comparison to common straight-chain alkanes. They are known for their high purity, since refineries remove aromatics, olefins, sulfur and any possible contaminant during the refining process. Isoparaffin M fluids are ideal for personal care products such as liquid foundation, perfume and more.

Isoparaffin M has a lot of advantages. It is stable and resistant to degradation and oxidation. Moreover, it does not react easily and is relatively safe to handle due to its low toxicity. And it has low boiling points and evaporation rates, which makes it perfect for applications where controlled drying or quick evaporation is necessary.


Technical Parameters:



Use Metalworking fluids
Odor Odorless
Bromine (mg Br/100g) 5.0 Max
Origin China
Aromatics content 0.01 Max
Distillation range 230-270
Viscosity@40°C 1.0-2.7 Mm2/s
Advantage Eco-friendly
Flash point (°C) 95min
Density@20°C 0.76g/cm3
Sulphur (mg/kg) 1.0 max



Isoparaffin M, also known as isoparaffinic mineral oil, is a type of base oil commonly used in lubricant formulations. It offers several advantages in lubricant applications. Here are some of the benefits of using isoparaffin M:

  • Viscosity Stability: Isoparaffin M has excellent viscosity stability over a wide range of temperatures. This means that the lubricant maintains its desired viscosity characteristics even under extreme temperature conditions, providing consistent and reliable lubrication performance.

  • High Flash Point: Isoparaffin M has a high flash point, which refers to the temperature at which the oil gives off vapors that can ignite when exposed to an open flame or spark. A high flash point enhances safety during storage, handling, and application of lubricants.

  • Low Volatility: Isoparaffin M exhibits low volatility, meaning it has a minimal tendency to evaporate at normal operating temperatures. This low volatility helps reduce oil consumption and keeps the lubricant in the intended application, ensuring long-lasting lubrication and minimizing the need for frequent top-ups.

  • Oxidation Stability: Isoparaffin M possesses excellent oxidation stability, which means it resists degradation when exposed to oxygen and high temperatures. This property helps to extend the service life of the lubricant, maintain its performance over time, and reduce the formation of harmful sludge and deposits.

  • Compatibility: Isoparaffin M is compatible with a wide range of elastomers, seals, and other materials commonly used in lubricant systems. This compatibility helps prevent material degradation, leaks, and other issues that can arise from chemical incompatibilities.

  • Low Aromatic Content: Isoparaffin M typically has low aromatic content, which means it contains minimal amounts of aromatic hydrocarbons. This is beneficial from an environmental standpoint and may help meet regulatory requirements.



Industrial Lubricants: Isoparaffin M finds application in a wide range of industrial lubricants, such as hydraulic fluids, gear oils, compressor oils, metalworking fluids, and heat transfer oils. Its excellent viscosity stability, oxidation resistance, and compatibility with organic additives are suitable for those demanding industrial applications.

Automotive Lubricants: Isoparaffin M is also used in automotive lubricants, like engine oils, transmission fluids and greases. Its low volatility helps to reduce lubricant consumption and prevents deterioration of the lubricant performance in engine environments at high temperature. Moreover, it contributes to improved fuel efficiency and extends oil change intervals.

Metalworking Fluids: Isoparaffin M is an essential component employed in metalworking fluids for cutting, grinding and machining operations. It provides lubrication, cooling and corrosion protection to metal surfaces in order to support efficient metal removal and prolonging tool life.

Electrical Insulating Oils: Isoparaffin M is used as an insulating oil in electrical transformers and capacitors. Its high flash point, low volatility and excellent electrical properties make it an excellent choice for insulation purposes in electrical equipment.

Specialty Applications: Isoparaffin M is utilized in several specialty lubricant applications. For example, it is used as a base oil in food-grade lubricants when there is a probability of incidental contact with food. It is also contained in the making of environment-friendly lubricants due to its low aromatic content which fulfills regulatory requirements.


Packing and Shipping:

Isoparaffin Fluid should be packaged and shipped in accordance with the following guidelines:

  • The fluid must be stored in a clean, dry, and tightly sealed container.

  • The container must be labeled with the product name, hazard warnings, and product information.

  • The container must be stored away from sources of heat, light, or ignition.

  • The fluid should be shipped in a rigid, leak-proof container.

  • The container must be clearly labeled with the product name, hazard warnings, and product information.

  • The package must be sealed to prevent leakage during transport.

  • The package must be handled and stored in accordance with all applicable regulations.


Isoparaffin Fluid FAQs

A1: The brand name of this Isoparaffin Fluid is ADDSOL.

A2: The model number of this Isoparaffin Fluid is Isoparaffin fluid.

A3: The origin of this Isoparaffin Fluid is China.

A4: The minimum order quantity for this Isoparaffin Fluid is 750 KGS.

A5: The price of this Isoparaffin Fluid is USD1.3-1.8/kg.

Isopar M Isoparaffin Fluid Distillation Range 230-270°C For Metalworking Fluids 0Isopar M Isoparaffin Fluid Distillation Range 230-270°C For Metalworking Fluids 1


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