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Metal Working Oil Isoparaffin Fluid Stamping Rolling Oil
  • Metal Working Oil Isoparaffin Fluid Stamping Rolling Oil
  • Metal Working Oil Isoparaffin Fluid Stamping Rolling Oil
  • Metal Working Oil Isoparaffin Fluid Stamping Rolling Oil

Metal Working Oil Isoparaffin Fluid Stamping Rolling Oil

Place of Origin China
Brand Name ADDSOL
Certification Application Approved
Model Number Isoparaffin fluid
Product Details
Stamping Oil
For Industry:
Forging Oil
No, Environment Friendly
Application As:
Metal Forming Oil
Keep In Dry And Cool Places
Quick Dry
Metal Working:
Rolling Oil
Transparent Liquid
High Light: 

Isoparaffin Rolling Oil


Metal Working Oil Isoparaffin Fluid


Stamping Rolling Oil Isoparaffin Fluid

Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
750 KGS
Packaging Details
Delivery Time
Within 1-2 weeks
Payment Terms
T/T advance, L/C
Supply Ability
15000MT per year
Product Description

Product Description:

Isoparaffin fluids can provide great lubrication properties, reducing the friction and wear caused by metal surfaces rubbing together during rolling operations. Not only that, they are also suitable for use as cutting oils in metalworking and machining processes. As such, they are oftentimes referred to as cutting fluids or metalworking fluids.

Moreover, these fluids have good heat transfer properties, which allows them to absorb and dissipate heat generated during the cutting process. They can furthermore help grinding oils, also known as grinding fluids or coolants, lubricate and cool the grinding wheel and workpiece while grinding.

Lastly, Isoparaffin fluids provide a protective film on metal surfaces, helping them ward off corrosion and rust formation. This is immensely helpful for those who work in the metalworking or machining industry, as rust and corrosion can significantly weaken structural components.



  • Product Name: Isoparaffin Fluid
  • Using for metal: Cutting Oil
  • Application: Grinding Oil
  • Toxic: No, Environment Friendly
  • Application as: Metal Forming Oil
  • Metal processing: Quenching Fluid

Technical Parameters:

Name Value
Odor Hydraulic Oil
Appearance Transparent Liquid
Toxic No, Environment Friendly
Application as Metal Forming Oil
For industry Forging Oil
Origin China
Used in rubber and plastic Demolding Fluid
Advantage Quick Dry
Use Stamping Oil
Metal working Rolling Oil
For Industry Coating, Ink
Market Egypt, Turkey, Indonesia


Stamping oils, also known as forming fluids or drawing oils, are common lubricants used in metal working. The oil not only lubricates the metal surface, but also prevents the metal from sticking to the stamping tool which can lead to distortions and production delays. Isoparaffin fluids are particularly suited to this job due to their anti-seizure properties.

Isoparaffin fluids can also be used as quenching fluids in heat treatment processes. Because of the rapid heat absorption abilities of the fluids, they are great at quickly cooling the heated metal parts with precision – a process necessary for achieving the desired material properties.

Forging operations also employ Isoparaffin fluids as forging oils because of their relatively low environmental impact compared to other lubricants. Isoparaffin fluids typically have low volatility, low toxicity, and low potential for environmental contamination.


Support and Services:

Isoparaffin Fluid Technical Support and Services

We provide comprehensive technical support and services for Isoparaffin Fluid. Our experienced professionals are available to answer any questions you may have about the product and its applications.

We provide a variety of services, including:

  • Product consultation and recommendations
  • On-site technical support
  • Technical data sheets
  • On-site or remote troubleshooting
  • Product safety and usage advice

Our expert team is here to help you make the most of your Isoparaffin Fluid. Contact us today for more information.



Q: What is Isoparaffin Fluid?

A: Isoparaffin Fluid is a hydrocarbon-based fluid product which is non-toxic and non-hazardous, and is used as a clean-burning fuel or in oil and gas extraction.

Q: What is the brand name of Isoparaffin Fluid?

A: The brand name of Isoparaffin Fluid is ADDSOL.

Q: What is the model number of Isoparaffin Fluid?

A: The model number of Isoparaffin Fluid is Isoparaffin fluid.

Q: Where is Isoparaffin Fluid made?

A: Isoparaffin Fluid is made in China.

Q: What is the minimum order quantity for Isoparaffin Fluid?

A: The minimum order quantity for Isoparaffin Fluid is 750 kilograms.

Q: What is the price of Isoparaffin Fluid?

A: The price of Isoparaffin Fluid is between USD1.3 and USD1.8 per kilogram.

Metal Working Oil Isoparaffin Fluid Stamping Rolling Oil 0Metal Working Oil Isoparaffin Fluid Stamping Rolling Oil 1


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