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Isoparaffin Isopar Fluid For PVC Viscosity Reducer Breaker Aniline Point 79.8°C
  • Isoparaffin Isopar Fluid For PVC Viscosity Reducer Breaker Aniline Point 79.8°C
  • Isoparaffin Isopar Fluid For PVC Viscosity Reducer Breaker Aniline Point 79.8°C
  • Isoparaffin Isopar Fluid For PVC Viscosity Reducer Breaker Aniline Point 79.8°C

Isoparaffin Isopar Fluid For PVC Viscosity Reducer Breaker Aniline Point 79.8°C

Place of Origin CHINA
Brand Name ADDSOL
Certification ISO9001/SGS/Application test
Model Number ISOPAR L
Product Details
Solubility In Water:
ISO Tank
Boiling Point:
Product Name:
Isopar L Fluid
Chemical Name:
Isoparaffin Hydrocarbon Fluid
Flash Point:
Aromatics Content, Wt%:
0.01% Max
PVC Viscosity Reducer
High Light: 

Colourless Isopar L Fluid


PVC Viscosity Reducer Isopar Fluid


Isoparaffin Isopar Fluid

Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
Packaging Details
Delivery Time
10-15 DAYS
Payment Terms
Supply Ability
Product Description

Isoparaffin Isopar fluid for PVC viscosity breaker Aniline point 79.8°C


Product Description:

Isopar fluid is a type of hydrocarbon-based solvent, belonging to the Isoparic solvent family. These solvents are composed of aliphatic hydrocarbons, which are characterized by a branched structure.

Isopar fluids can be produced from either petroleum or synthetic feedstocks. They have a specific chemical composition, containing a high proportion of Isoparic hydrocarbons. It is these compounds that give Isopar fluids their excellent solvency power, low volatility, and favorable toxicity and environmental profiles.

Isopar fluids have become increasingly popular in various industrial sectors, due to the desirable nature of their properties. They are now commonly used in a number of applications, in both general and specialised fields.


Applications on different PVC products:

Product name Applications for different PVC products
Isopar L fluid PVC wallpaper
PVC gloves
PVC flooring
PVC dipping


Applications details:

Isopar fluid can be used to reduce the viscosity of PVC paste resin formula, creating stable viscosity levels, reducing the potential for bubbles and the amount of filler required. This results in a smoother feel and better Anti-fouling properties for the PVC product, reducing plasticizer and thus costs of the finished product. Additionally, Isopar fluid can increase the ductility of PVC resin.

The positive effect of Isopar fluid doesn't just stop at PVC resin. It also has low odor and low aromatic content which makes it both environmentally friendly and safe. It has the potential to be widely utilized in many fields, like PVC wallpaper, PVC gloves, PVC flooring, PVC dipping, PVC mats, PVC pipe straps, PVC plastic toys, PVC artificial leather, glue signs, plastic dipping, car interiors and other PVC building materials.


How isopar works on reducing viscosity paste of wallpaper:

1. Solvent Action: Isoparaffin solvents have strong solvency power, meaning they can dissolve and disperse other substances. When added to wallpaper paste, isoparaffin solvents can dissolve certain components of the paste, such as thickening agents or binders. This dissolution process helps to break down the paste's structure, reducing its viscosity and making it thinner and more fluid.

2. Lubrication and Flow Enhancement: Isoparaffin solvents act as lubricants, reducing friction and improving the flow characteristics of the wallpaper paste. They help the paste spread more easily and evenly on the wallpaper or wall surface during application. The improved flowability allows for smoother and more efficient installation of the wallpaper.

3. Adjusting Consistency: Isoparaffin solvents offer the advantage of being able to adjust the consistency of the wallpaper paste. By adding controlled amounts of isoparaffin solvent, the viscosity of the paste can be finely tuned to achieve the desired level of thickness or thinness. This flexibility in adjusting the consistency allows for better control over the application process.

4. Evaporation and Drying: Isoparaffin solvents have relatively low volatility, which means they evaporate slowly. This characteristic is beneficial for wallpaper paste because it allows for extended working time during application. The slow evaporation rate gives installers more time to adjust and position the wallpaper before the paste dries.

Packing and Shipping:

Isopar L Fluid is typically shipped in barrels, drums, jugs, or pails, depending on the volume of the order. All packages are clearly labeled with the product name, quantity, and the supplier's name and address.

The product is securely packed and sealed in appropriate containers, and then placed in boxes for shipping. The boxes are also labeled with the same information as the containers. The boxes are then secured with foam, shrink wrap, or other appropriate material to protect the product during shipping.

The shipping process is monitored and tracked closely to ensure that the product arrives at its destination safely and in a timely manner.



Q: What is Isopar L Fluid?

A: Isopar L Fluid is a product manufactured by ADDSOL. It is a volatile hydrocarbon solvent.

Q: What is the model number of Isopar L Fluid?

A: The model number of Isopar L Fluid is ISOPAR L.

Q: Where is Isopar L Fluid made?

A: Isopar L Fluid is made in China.

Q: What certifications does Isopar L Fluid have?

A: Isopar L Fluid has ISO9001/SGS/Application test certifications.

Q: How much does Isopar L Fluid cost?

A: Isopar L Fluid costs US$1.3-USD2.0/kg.

Isoparaffin Isopar Fluid For PVC Viscosity Reducer Breaker Aniline Point 79.8°C 0Isoparaffin Isopar Fluid For PVC Viscosity Reducer Breaker Aniline Point 79.8°C 1


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