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LM Fluid Isoalkanes Distillation Range 205-240 CAS 90622-58-5
  • LM Fluid Isoalkanes Distillation Range 205-240 CAS 90622-58-5
  • LM Fluid Isoalkanes Distillation Range 205-240 CAS 90622-58-5
  • LM Fluid Isoalkanes Distillation Range 205-240 CAS 90622-58-5

LM Fluid Isoalkanes Distillation Range 205-240 CAS 90622-58-5

Place of Origin China
Brand Name ADDSOL
Certification ISO9001/SGS
Model Number Isoalkanes LM fluid
Product Details
Vapor Pressure:
Product Name:
Isoalkane LM Fluid
EC Number:
Molecular Weight:
Chemical Formula:
Ignition Temperature:
Above 200°C
Hazard Class:
Non Hazard
High Light: 

LM Fluid Isoalkanes


Isoalkanes Distillation 205


cas 90622 58 5

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Minimum Order Quantity
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Delivery Time
Within 2 weeks after Order Confirmation
Payment Terms
T/T advance, L/C, DP, DA
Supply Ability
4500MT per year
Product Description

Isoalkanes LM fluid Distillation Range 205-240 CAS 90622-58-5 Bromine 5.0mg/100g EC Number 292-460-6 for B2B


Product Description:

Isoalkanes LM Fluid

Isoalkanes LM Fluid is a mixture of branched isoalkanes and isoparaffins with a carbon number range of C11-C16. This high-purity solvent is produced by the isomerization and hydrogenation of light naphtha fractions that are extracted from the refinement of crude oil.

Isoalkanes LM fluid is generally used in applications ranging from personal care products, medical devices and pharmaceuticals, to coatings, inks, and cleaning products. It is a clear, colorless liquid with a low viscosity and a boiling range between 205-240°C. Additionally, its CAS number is 90622-58-5, and its EC number is 292-460-6, while its flash point is 80°C min.


Isoalkanes Fluid Products

Product name

Sulphur, mg/kg

Isoalkanes G Fluid

1.0 max

Isoalkanes H Fluid

1.0 max

Isoalkanes L Fluid

1.0 max

Isoalkanes LM Fluid

1.0 max

Isoalkanes M Fluid

1.0 max



Isoalkanes LM Fluid is a high-quality, odourless and colourless solvent that belongs to the Isoparaffinic hydrocarbon family. With its exceptional properties, it is suitable for a plethora of applications ranging from cleaning to industrial processes.

  • High Purity: Isoalkanes LM Fluid is highly refined and contains very low levels of impurities, making it a viable choice for various applications.

  • Low Toxicity: Not only is Isoalkanes LM Fluid not classified as a hazardous substance, it also has low toxicity making it much safer to use than other solvents.

  • Low Vapor Pressure: Isoalkanes LM Fluid is known for its low vapor pressure, resulting in slow evaporation and halting the formation of any harmful vapors.

  • High Flash Point: Boasting a high flash point, Isoalkanes LM Fluid is unlikely to catch on fire or be ignited, increasing safety for its handlers.

  • Excellent Solvency: Isoalkanes LM Fluid has great solvency properties, making it an ideal option for a multitude of applications.

  • Good Compatibility: It is also surprisingly compatible with a variety of materials such as plastic, rubber and metals, making it even more versatile.

  • Low Aromatic Content: Lastly, Isoalkanes LM Fluid has a low aromatic content, thus reducing its odour and any potential health issues caused by exposure.




Isoalkanes LM Fluid is widely used as a solvent in adhesive formulations, particularly hot-melt adhesives and pressure-sensitive adhesives. This solvent provides good solvency for adhesive components, enabling them to dissolve completely within the adhesive.


Isoalkanes LM Fluid is commonly used as both a carrier fluid and solvent in pharmaceutical products such as topical creams and ointments. It boasts a low toxicity and great solvency for active ingredients, making it the perfect choice for pharmaceutical applications.


The solvent can also be used in coatings formulations such as wood coatings, automotive coatings, and industrial coatings. This is due in part to its low odor and low toxicity, as well as its excellent solvency for both resins and other coating ingredients.


Moreover, Isoalkanes LM Fluid is useful in the production of printing inks, from flexographic, gravure, and offset inks to the rest. Its low odor and low toxicity make it a safe manufacturing choice, while its good solvency for pigments and other ink components is also a major benefit.


Support and Services:

Isoalkanes Technical Support and Services

At Isoalkanes, we are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality technical support and services.

Our experienced team of technical professionals is available to answer your questions, provide guidance, and help you troubleshoot any issues you may encounter. We also offer a variety of services, such as product installation, training, and maintenance.

We strive to provide the best customer experience possible and are dedicated to helping our customers get the most out of their Isoalkanes products. If you have any questions or need assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us.


Packing and Shipping:

Isoalkanes Packaging and Shipping:

The product is packaged in a sealed container, and shipped on pallets. The drum is labeled with the product name, quantity, and address of the producer. All packages are shipped with a tracking number, in order to ensure the safe arrival of the product.



LM Fluid Isoalkanes Distillation Range 205-240 CAS 90622-58-5 0LM Fluid Isoalkanes Distillation Range 205-240 CAS 90622-58-5 1


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