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Company news about Isoparaffin for metal processing

Isoparaffin for metal processing


Latest company news about Isoparaffin for metal processing

Isoparaffin is a eco-friendly hydrocarbon and high performance fluid. Supporting by the excellent solvency, low odor and low volatility, isoparaffin are used in various industrial, including cleaning products, paints, coatings, inks, adhesives, and personal care products.

ISOPARAFFIN H's boiling range is 170~190℃, flash point around 55°C, and density 0.74~0.75g/cm3 at 20°C, and it is widely used as anti rust oil, stamping oil and Cutting Oil during metal processing.

ISOPARAFFIN H as anti rust oil for metal processing
Anti-rust oils are used to protect metal surfaces from corrosion and oxidation during metal processing, storage, and transportation. ISOPARAFFIN H is very good option of anti-rust oils.

Isoparaffin-based anti-rust oils offer effective protection against rust and corrosion during metal processing, helping to maintain the quality, appearance, and functionality of metal components and products. Here are some key functions of isoparaffins-based anti-rust oils:

1. Corrosion Protection: Isoparaffin-based anti-rust oils form a protective film on metal surfaces, acting as a barrier against moisture, air, and corrosive substances. This film helps to prevent the formation of rust and corrosion, preserving the integrity and appearance of the metal.
2. Penetration and Coverage: Isoparaffin-based anti-rust oils have low viscosity and excellent wetting properties, allowing them to penetrate into narrow gaps, crevices, and hard-to-reach areas of metal parts and components. This ensures comprehensive coverage and protection against rust and corrosion.
3. Volatility: Isoparaffin oils evaporate slowly compared to other fluids, this helps provide long-lasting protection and enables the oil to remain on the metal surface for extended periods, even under storage or transportation conditions.

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ISOPARAFFIN H as stamping oil for metal processing

Stamping oils are used to facilitate the metal stamping process, where metal sheets or parts are shaped, formed, or punched.
isoparaffin-based stamping oils offer effective lubrication, cooling, anti-weld properties, and residue prevention during metal stamping processes, contributing to improved productivity, quality, and tool life in metal processing. Isoparaffin-based stamping oils provide perfect support during metal stamping process:

1. Lubrication: Isoparaffin oils possess excellent lubricating properties, which help reduce friction and wear between the metal sheet or part and the stamping die. This lubrication enables smoother metal deformation, minimizing the risk of surface defects such as scratches, galling, or tearing. It also helps extend the life of the stamping tooling.

2. Anti-Weld Properties: In certain stamping operations, there is a risk of metal-to-die adhesion or sticking, known as welding. Isoparaffin oils can help prevent or minimize this issue by forming a thin lubricating film between the metal and the stamping die, reducing the likelihood of welding and allowing for easier release of the stamped part.

3. Residue and Stain Prevention: Isoparaffin-based stamping oils typically leave minimal residue or staining on the metal surface after the stamping process. This is important, especially in applications where subsequent surface treatments, coatings, or painting operations are planned. The low residue helps ensure good adhesion and quality of the subsequent finishing processes.

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ISOPARAFFIN H as cutting oil for metal processing
Cutting oils, also known as machining fluids or metalworking fluids, are used to lubricate and cool metal cutting and machining operations. Isoparaffin-based cutting oils can improve tool life, machining efficiency, and surface finish, so they play a important role during metal cutting operations:

1. Cooling and Heat Dissipation: During metal cutting operations, heat is generated due to the friction between the cutting tool and the metal. Isoparaffin-based cutting oils have good heat transfer properties, facilitating the dissipation of heat from the cutting zone. This helps prevent overheating of the tool and the workpiece, reducing thermal damage and maintaining dimensional accuracy.

2. Chip Removal: Isoparaffin-based cutting oils assist in chip removal during metal cutting processes. They help flush away chips and swarf, which are the small metal particles or shavings produced during cutting. Effective chip removal improves machining efficiency, reduces the risk of tool clogging, and ensures a clean cutting environment.

3. Compatibility: Isoparaffin-based cutting oils are generally compatible with various metals, including steel, aluminum, copper, and alloys. They can be used in a wide range of metal cutting operations, such as turning, milling, drilling, and grinding.

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